Workers Comp & Third Party Claims

Workers Compensation and Third Party Claims


  • Dee Why Physiotherapists are WorkCover approved meaning they are trained to treat injured workers within a compensation environment. We liase closely with your Doctor and Insurance company to ensure optimal recovery times occur and approval for treatment is in place.
  • We will require a referral from your doctor and assist you if you have not already gained your workers compensation number from your insurance company.
  • We will follow up approval from your insurance company so that we can bill your consultations directly to your insurance company which will remove the additional financial pressure at this time.
  • All our treatment principles apply, including accurate diagnosis, effective hands-on therapy, progressive strengthening and flexibility programs, pilates, bracing and assistance in returning to work safely.
  • Workers compensation injuries can be any of the presentations we see at Dee Why Physiotherapy and we treat with all the same principles.
  • WorkCover claims may include patients receiving treatment for injuries that are the result of a specific incident or for injury from a repetitive or prolonged action causing an overuse injury.
  • During treatment we may also liase with other health professionals, your employer and the insurer.