About Us

We specialise in effective treatment of the following areas:

1. All Sports Injury Physiotherapy
2. Back and Neck Pain Physiotherapy
3. Headaches, Jaw Issues and Balance Problems
4. Knee Pain, Inury and Post Surgical Physiotheraphy
5. Ankle, Foot Pain, Injury and Post Surgical Physiotherapy

6. Heat Molded Orthotics
7. Shoulder Pain, Injury and Post Surgical Rehabilitation
8. Arthritic Painful Joints Hands-On Physiotherapy
9. Pre/Postnatal Back Pain Solutions and Rehabilitation
10. Workers Compensation and third Party Claim Physiotherapy

We make it easy…

  • Parking at entrance
  • Same day appointment – visits reserved for new / acute patients
  • Free conversation with Physio pre initial consult
  • Immediate health fund claim
  • Extended opening hours Monday to Friday
  • No doctors referral required
  • SMS appointment confirmations
  • Stock all braces and supports such as air walker boot for your convenience

Our personalised hands-on therapy achieves fantastic results

Our hands-on manual therapy techniques achieve fantastic results for both muscles, joints and nerves. Our approach is highly effective in restoring and realigning joint, muscle and nerve functions.

At your initial consultation your Physiotherapist will assess in detail the exact cause of your presenting problem and then provide a thorough effective treatment personalised to you. We will give you a clear idea of the recovery time and discuss your treatment plan with you.

We partner with you on every level, really listening to your goals, questions and limitations. Everyone’s goals are different and specific to their injury, age, sport and lifestyle however we recognise they are all equally important. We listen to what is important to you and team together with you in achieving it.

Our Rehabilitation is founded on this three stage model, which is unique to Dee Why Physiotherapy:





In the Relief phase we give you a fast & accurate diagnosis then use the latest treatment techniques to relieve your pain as quickly as possible. We assess in detail the exact cause of your presenting problem and provide thorough effective treatment personalised to you.


Once your pain is settling you progress to your Recovery phase. This is when we reduce your risk of further pain & injury. We identify & resolve underlying factors that can increase your risk of future problems. You’ll build a strong foundation as we progress the intensity of stretch-exercise programs or resume Studio Pilates within our practice.


We love exceeding people’s expectations and achieving outstanding Results with our correct rehabilitation approach and support for each individual. At this stage you will enjoy your regained function, safe return to sport, work and improved lifestyle.

Our 4 Therapy Philosophy Principles

Personalised Effective Hands-On Therapy

Our focus is on hands-on therapy to achieve outstanding results for both muscle, joint and nerve issues. Hands-on therapy involves extensive manual therapy, massage therapy, as well as muscle, joint and nerve mobilizing techniques. Our approach is highly effective in restoring and realigning joint, muscle and nerve function.

Personalised Effective Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is far more effective once pain has been relieved from effective hands-on therapy and can be progressed at each consultation. We also understand how hard it is to “do your exercises” so we choose the most important key movements, stretches or exercises for you and review them regularly. We want you to know them well. have great technique and most of all see the results for yourself.

Patient involvement essential for success

The more you know about how your body responds to injury, movement & training, the more involved & active you will be with your program & therefore much more likely to succeed.

Rehab Items for Intrinsic Change and Ongoing Support

We always highlight any rehab items that may be particularly beneficial for your specific issue to achieve greater results with your rehabilitation. This is particularly relevant in back and neck treatment where stiffness that has taken years to develop can be dramatically changed and resolved with the combination or treatment and home rehab items.

Spinal examples are  yoga bolsters, long rollers. spiky pods, back braces, back chair supports, hot packs or spider taping. Lower limb examples are ice packs, anke braces, knee braces, orthotics, stretch bands or sports taping.