What We Do

We specialise in effective treatment of the following areas:

  • All sports injury physiotherapy
  • Back and neck pain physiotherapy
  • Headaches, jaw issues and balance problems
  • Knee pain, injury and post surgical physiotherapy
  • Ankle, foot pain, injury and post surgical therapy
  • Heat-molded orthotics
  • Shoulder pain, injury and post surgical rehabilitation
  • Arthritic painful joints (hands-on physiotherapy)
  • Pre/postnatal back pain solutions and rehabilitation
  • Workers compensation and third party claim physiotherapy

We resolve pain, rehabilitate injuries and regain function for life!

At Dee Why Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on relieving pain quickly and achieving maximum recovery outcomes with our effective hands-on therapy and personalised, achievable exercise-stretch therapy.


We achieve a clear, accurate, complete diagnosis of your injury or painful condition and develop a treatment plan with you. We are committed to teaming together with you to achieve your goals and what is important to you. This communicative process ensures you are part of the process from beginning to end.

Your Consultation:

What does our physiotherapy service involve?


We really listen carefully to you and assess thoroughly

In the Relief phase we give you a fast & accurate diagnosis then use the latest treatment techniques to relieve your pain as quickly as possible. We assess in detail the exact cause of your presenting problem and provide thorough effective treatment personalised to you.


What’s wrong with you and how fast can we fix it?

Once your pain is settling you progress to your Recovery phase. This is when we reduce your risk of further pain & injury. We identify & resolve underlying factors that can increase your risk of future problems. You’ll build a strong foundation as we progress the intensity of stretch-exercise programs or resume Studio Pilates within our practice.


How exactly will I get back to doing everything?

We love exceeding people’s expectations and achieving outstanding Results with our correct rehabilitation approach and support for each individual. At this stage you will enjoy your regained function, safe return to sport, work and improved lifestyle.