All Sports Injuries

Key treatment items that all need to be addressed for effective sport injury rehabilitation:

  1. sports-injuryManual therapy: We find and resolve all the underlying areas and related areas that you didn’t realise were sore or tight or involved. We manually ‘work’, mobilise, massage and release all involved muscles, ligaments and joints removing inflammation, tethering and stiffness to achieve the fastest most effective recovery.
  2. Surrounding affected tight nerves: nerve pathways in the spine and limbs are often contributing to the pain following sports injury. We resolve this nerve tension and irritation with mobilization and massage techniques with outstanding results to recovery.
  3. Biomechanical imbalances: these are all found and addressed thoroughly including pelvic, hip, spinal and limb alignment.
  4. Rehabilitation items: These are for intrinsic change and ongoing support, such as taping to retrain correct muscle activity, bolsters, rollers, braces, posture cushion supports, orthotics, spiky pods and stretch bands.

We are a Sports Injury Centre and we are highly experienced in the diagnosis and effective treatment of all sports injuries.

From sporting trauma, overuse or imbalance injuries there is a wide range of sports injury presentations. Our Physiotherapists have particular expertise in all sports injuries and are experienced in determining all the details of your injury and exactly how to treat it in the most effective way. Our expertise ensures nothing is missed and no time is wasted in the rehabilitation process. We discuss everything with you every step of the way.

Your Sports Injury treatment at Dee Why Physiotherapy

Outstanding Assessment directs outstanding treatment

We get to the core of the problem. Imperatively our physiotherapists will determine exactly which structures are injured, to what extent and what underlying issues in the whole affected limb and spine were potentially causing or ‘driving’ the injury or condition. The core of the problem is often a more widespread area that the presenting area. We treat all involved areas thoroughly with manual therapy and massage techniques to remove pain and swelling and regain function. Personalised Exercises and stretches are then introduced and able to be progressed more effectively for a faster recovery time.

If further investigations such as X-Ray,CT, ultrasound or MRI are indicated from your assessment we will act promptly arranging these for you.

We encourage you to see us as soon as possible after injury to prevent recurrence. Even just one visit will help significantly.

One in 17 Australians suffer a sports Injury and half of them are preventable! (caroline finch, leading sports epidemiologist).

We encourage you to come in when there is only a ‘niggle’ or ‘tightness’ and we can find the whole problem – areas you didn’t know were sore and really proactively prevent injury for you.  Similarly when you have an injury we can achieve optimal recovery times and return to sport the sooner you come in to see us.  Injuries can often stop being symptomatic over time, however without treatment the body “remembers” and often the muscles and joints are not completely resolved “carrying” the tightness and the injury can recur.

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