Ankle Pain & Injuries

Key items that all need to be addressed for effective ankle rehabilitation:

  1. ankle-pain-imageWe find the whole problem: We find all the areas you didn’t realise were sore and involved that are contributing to the ankle pain and resolve them.
  2. Effective treatment: We work the muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves removing inflammation, tethering and stiffness & regaining function.
  3. Biomechanical issues resolved: We thoroughly assess your foot biomechanics and treat issues with manual therapy, alignment exercises and fit effective orthotics that are heat molded specifically to your foot and ankle.
  4. Prevention of recurrence: We retrain balance/proprioception, which is imperative to preventing a recurrence of injury.
  5. Flexibility: All affected muscles and nerves are balanced and stretched.
  6. Strength: Weak muscles in the ankles, lower leg and pelvis are all located and specifically trained.
  7. Rehabilitation items: such as Kinesio and sports tape or braces and stretch bands are used to allow optimal recovery.

Ankle pain and injuries are very common and usually debilitating in their nature as they affect our mobility so greatly.  The correct early treatment dramatically improves recovery time and outcomes preventing recurrence of the injury.

The Dee Why Physiotherapists are experienced in thoroughly assessing and effectively treating all ankle presentations including trauma, tenopathies, tendonitis, complex surgical rehabilitation such as overuse or ruptured tendon repairs, internal fixation, reconstruction or arthroscopy.  Often these issues have underlying biomechanical issues such as excessive pronation and rotation in the lower leg and hips which we thoroughly address.

We achieve outstanding outcomes for all levels of injury with our particular rehabilitation approach.  We work closely with leading ankle surgeons such as Dr Andrew Wines, who have commended us on our excellence in our rehabilitation and continue to entrust their patients in our care.

Ankle Sprains

We settle your pain quickly and regain ankle function.  Equally as importantly our physiotherapists thoroughly treat and train the damaged nerves.  This allows the imperative sense of proprioception (or where your foot/ankle is positioned) to fully return.  If it is not thoroughly addressed ankles will unfortunately invariably ‘go over’ again.