Headaches or Jaw Pain (TMJ)

Physiotherapy treatment for Headaches, Jaw pain also known as TMJ, clicking stiff jaw, or grinding teeth.


  • There is so much we can do to help!!!
  • Treatment involves effective gentle hands-on therapy to the following areas: Spinal mobilisation to the joints of the upper back and neck, release of the muscles, release of the upper rib joints, release and mobilisation of the shoulder, mobilisation of the nerves in the upper limb and neck, soft tissue release and mobilisation of the TMJ or jaw muscles and joint.
  • kinesio sports taping is used to effectively retrain posture and to support the areas
  • Acupuncture
  • Flexibility stretch program for the stiffness in the upper back using items such as bodyball, pod and bolster
  • Postural exercise program
  • Postural muscle endurance training
  • Deep neck flexor stabilization exercises
  • “key approach” pelvic and spine alignment and sitting posture training (as this affects the neck and jaw & resolves headaches)
  • Rehabilitation items for intrinsic change and ongoing support: e.g. posture support cushions, yoga bolster, roller, hot packs, exercise bands and stretch bands

Our results often truly astound patients as headaches can change rapidly during one consultation. In the case of very chronic headaches or migraines reducing their frequency and intensity can have a profound improvement on quality of life.

Headaches frequently have a musculoskeletal cause. In essence the neck can refer into the arm or up into the head causing headache or both.  There is often a TMJ or jaw issue referring into the head, even when you do not feel any issue there.  By resolving these issues we can frequently resolve your headaches!

Importantly your neck may be symptomatic but it does not need to be sore or painful for it to be a primary underlying cause of your headaches.  Other triggers can be present in conjunction with your neck involvement such as stress, food or dehydration.

Our primary focus is on gentle hands on therapy muscle release techniques and joint mobilizations to resolve headaches.  This treatment is also for patients suffering with jaw pain or clicking.

Some headaches are migraines and have been diagnosed as such.  They often have other causes and can be treated in conjunction with your GP, however even migraines invariably have an element of neck and upper back involvement, which we can treat for you.

Physiotherapy treatment for Balance Problems

We also have a Physiotherapist with specialized postgraduate training in the effective treatment of Balance issues or disturbances also known as Vestibular disturbances.  There is a surprising number of people with these balance problems which have an underlying musculoskeletal cause that we can effectively treat. Often these issues can be present in conjunction with headaches and jaw conditions involving pain, clicking or stiffness of the jaw. This very specialized treatment achieves much sought after relief and extremely positive results for people suffering with these symptoms.