Common areas for Osteoarthritis are the knee, hip and spine

Often people feel their osteoarthritis cannot be helped, or that we will only give you exercises or even worse we could aggravate your ongoing pain. This is not the case; our hands on treatment will be gentle and tailored to your exact condition and our focus will be on that aspect of the treatment initially to regain function and settle your symptoms.

arthritis-grid-imageDue to the results we achieve we encourage you to come in and trial one treatment as there is really so much we can do. With the correct soft tissue massage to carefully release tight inflamed areas we can often dramatically improve and resolve pain. There is so much more to treat other than the joint surfaces themselves – all the soft tissue muscles and ligaments can be addressed and the biomechanics changed, tight muscles lengthened and weak muscles activated and strengthened.


Often we can also assist patients dramatically by regaining function and resolving symptoms resulting in prolonging the time they put off an inevitable joint replacement surgery. This achieves a reduced likelihood of a future revision surgery being required which is highly desirable in these situations.