Pre / Postnatal Back Pain

Prenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy


  • Come see us early! Even for one or two visits
  • We are trained to help you with your back, neck, hips, pelvis, muscle separation, muscle control, and flexibility!
  • We have great pregnancy and postnatal braces for your back and pelvis.
  • Added benefit of helping with fluid retention and reflux.
  • Studio Pilates is also available however its great to treat your problem areas first.

Our physiotherapists have experience managing and treating all musculoskeletal issues that can arise for women during pregnancy and following the birth of their child.

We stock a range of specific pregnancy and postnatal braces which I can recommend myself! Having worked in them my entire pregnancy as a Physiotherapist. They are a life saver.

The most common issue is back pain, hip and pelvic pain including pubic sympysis. We can really help you with all of these issues. There is often the added benefit of having less reflux and less swelling when your spine is address properly.

As with all our patients, but even moreso with pregnancy… Come and see us early!!!! In the pregnancy for even more proactive results.

Following having your baby you are usually last on the agenda however we encourage you to come in  for even one or two visits to assist you regain abdominal control, and resolve the abdominal separation and generally look after issues that arise in mum’s with bub’s back.

We look forward to meeting and helping you make this time as special and wonderful as it can be!